Publications – Metabolome Profiling

Year Compounds Title
2012 NMR sample Inhibitory effects of terpenoids from the fermented broth of the ascomycete Stilbohypoxylon elaeicola YMJ173 on nitric oxide production in RAW264.7 macrophages.
2013 Ion Mobility Critical Examination of Gas-Phase Protein Conformation/Multimer Ion Formation by Electrospray Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry.
2013 NMR sample Isolation and characterization of sesquiterpenes from Arecophila saccharicola YMJ96022401 with NO production inhibitory activity.
2013 NMR sample Polyketides from the littoral plant associated fungus Pseudallescheria boydii.
2014 NMR sample Aliphatic phenolic ethers from Trichobotrys effusa.
2014 NMR sample Diterpene Glycosides and Polyketides from Xylotumulus gibbisporus.
2015 ID Metabolite identification for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics using multiple types of correlated ion information.
2015 Meroterpenoids New Meroterpenoids from Aspergillus terreus with Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression.
2015 Vitroprocines Vitroprocines, new antibiotics against?Acinetobacter baumannii, discovered from marine?Vibrio?sp. QWI-06 using mass-spectrometry-based metabolomics approach.
2016 MALDI-TOF Clarification of the Antagonistic Effect of the Lipopeptides Produced by?Bacillus amyloliquefaciens?BPD1 against?Pyricularia oryzae?via In Situ MALDI-TOF IMS Analysis.
2016 Metal-ligand complexes Identification of metal species by ESI-MS/MS through release of free metals from the corresponding metal-ligand complexes.
2016 Shikonin Immunogenicity of mammary tumor cells can be induced by shikonin via direct binding-interference with hnRNPA1.
2016 Phytochemical Inhibiting MDSC differentiation from bone marrow with phytochemical polyacetylenes drastically impairs tumor metastasis.
2016 Ion Mobility Gas-phase protein conformation/multimer ion formation by electrospray ion mobility-mass spectrometry: bovine insulin and ubiquitin.
2016 NMR sample Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Anti-Inflammatory Agents from Phomasp. NTOU4195.
2017 Testosterone Biochemical Mechanisms and Microorganisms Involved in Anaerobic Testosterone Metabolism in Estuarine Sediments. Front Microbiol.
2017 4-tert-OP Biodegradation of the endocrine disrupter 4-tert-octylphenol by the yeast strain?Candida rugopelliculosa?RRKY5?via?phenolic ring hydroxylation and alkyl chain oxidation pathways.
2017 NMR sample A Low-Toxicity DNA-Alkylating N-Mustard-Quinoline Conjugate with Preferential Sequence Specificity Exerts Potent Antitumor Activity Against Colorectal Cancer.
2017 NMR sample Bioactive Constituents from the Termite Nest-Derived Medicinal Fungus Xylaria nigripes.
2017 NMR sample Hirsutane-Type Sesquiterpenes with Inhibitory Activity of MicroglialNitric Oxide Production from the Red Alga-Derived FungusChondrostereum sp. NTOU4196.
2018 Cholesterol metabolites Microbial Functional Responses to Cholesterol Catabolism in Denitrifying Sludge
2018 Estrogen Estrogen Degraders and Estrogen Degradation Pathway Identified in an Activated Sludge.
2018 Estrogen Identification of metabolites involved in the aerobic degradation of the A and B rings of estrogen
2018 Fungal Exploration of Fungal Metabolic Interactions Using Imaging Mass Spectrometry on Nanostructured Silicon.
2018 DNA Sensitive Detection of 8-Nitroguanine in DNA by Chemical Derivatization Coupled with Online Solid-Phase Extraction LC-MS/MS.
2018 Isoprenyl phenolic ethers Isoprenyl phenolic ethers from the termite nest-derived medicinal fungus Xylaria fimbriata.
2018 Peptide metal complexes IRON MAN is a ubiquitous family of peptides that control iron transport in plants.
2019 Di-2(propylheptyl) phthalate Exposure marker discovery of di-2(propylheptyl) phthalate using ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and a rat model.
2019 DNA DNA Crosslinkomics: A Tool for the Comprehensive Assessment of Interstrand Crosslinks Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
2019 Phthalazine hybrids Design and Synthesis of 1,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)pyrrolo[2,1-a]phthalazine Hybrids as Potent Anticancer Agents that Inhibit Angiogenesis and Induce DNA Interstrand Cross-links.