Usage Rules

Reservation Regulations

  • All sample submission requests should be made 2 weeks in advance.
  • The user and his direct-report supervisor should obtain a valid account in our online reservation system, and submit the service request form.
  • Reservations must be cancelled more than 3 days in advance of the scheduled time slot. Any cancelation made within 3 days before the reserved schedule will be charged at 50% of the reserved time in the next sample analysis.
  • If the total usage time of the instrument is more than 20 h, 2 continuous days must be reserved.

Sample Analysis Regulations

  • The salt concentration in the samples is suggested to be below 30 mM.
  • Detergent, phosphate, sulfate, and radical and corrosive compounds are not allowed in the samples.
  • All the containers and tips used for sample preparation should not be sterilized by autoclave.
  • The samples and standards need to be centrifuged at 13,000 rpm for 15 min, and at least 50 μL of each sample is required for analysis.
  • All the samples should be delivered before 10:00AM on the scheduled day.
  • If your samples are less stable, please notify us on the sample form.

Charging Regulations

  • The service fees are collected every 2-3 months (JAN to MAR, APR to JUN, JUL to AUG and SEP to DEC). Because the accounts are closed at the end of year, the service fees for sample analysis conducted from Sep. 1 to Dec. 31 will be charged early the next year.
  • There is no prepaid plan for the service fee. Service fees will only be charged after sample analysis.

After Sample Analysis

  • If you need to keep the remaining samples after the analysis, please remind us and take the sample away within 2 weeks after the analysis.
  • Please download and keep your data from our FTP after sample analysis.
  • We will arrange regular software training after sample analysis (once per person).